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What is user adoption?

User adoption is one of the key ways we at Studio Moso measure success. It’s all about the process by which consumers begin using a new product, which they’ll only do if it responds to a challenge or goal they have.

We focus on establishing a base user adoption rate with every project we work on. Then, we make consistent improvements to increase this. A good adoption rate means more users are integrating your product into their lives than are abandoning it. It’s a major trigger for business growth. That’s why it’s our speciality.

The discovery session

& solving user problems

Our process always begins with a discovery session with our partners. This is where we come up with a problem statement and build a solution around that problem.

We take a look at your current needs as well as what you want to achieve from your digital product. Then we figure out the tech stack and the Moso Talent needed to get there. During the discovery session, we’ll pinpoint the success metrics that matter most to your business, which may involve CRO and a combination of other measures.

When we’re focused on identifying and solving real-world problems, getting more users to complete the defined goals comes naturally.
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Building the experience

When design & strategy work together

Taking your product from vision to execution calls for collaboration. Design goes beyond how things look; it’s how things work. We roll out design guidelines that support your overall objectives, so your product is built to solve problems at its core.

Working with a data expert, we’ll uncover the characteristics that bring a user to your site and build the content on your app or website around these triggers.

We strip away the buzzwords to create a strategy that gives your product the foundation for success. By setting clear benchmarks, every specialist on your project works towards the same goals. It’s all hands on deck from designing a seamless user experience, to developing the product, and then testing, iterating and marketing.
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Listen. Learn. Re-launch.

Using data to grow ROI

A constant feedback loop and usability tests keep us on track for continued improvements. Your ROI takes centre stage at this point.

At Studio Moso, we crunch the numbers often so we can iterate with purpose and clinical accuracy. By learning from real users in the market, we’re able to make the improvements that matter most to your business growth.
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Invest in seamless user experiences that grow your adoption rate.