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Who? Better Health Network

Better Health Network (BHN) is a not-for-profit organisation that has been providing primary and allied health care services to communities across south-eastern Melbourne for nearly 50 years. The BHN brand formed in 2022 as an amalgamation of three separate health care providers to better utilise their services for their patients needs.

Why? New brand awareness

With three very well known, and recognised brands coming together to form one organisation, the correct messaging had to be communicated to patients to avoid confusion and difficulties in accessing health services. Patients had to be educated in the amalgamation and new brand, so that patients would have the same confidence in the delivery of a quality service.

How? A phased approach

The bringing together of three large and complicated organisations, each with their own unique web presences, is a difficult and long exercise. Waiting for all workflows and community consultations to be completed would have delayed the online messaging of the new organisation to the detriment of their patients. As a result, Studio Moso developed a phased approach that allowed for the quick dissemination of the amalgamation information through an information mini-site. Immediately afterwards, the transition to a fully branded website with service information, and a finally a new service focused web experience that will greatly improve service visibility once the appropriate community consultations are complete.

What now? The next steps

Studio Moso has delivered stage one and two in the roadmap, which allowed each company in the amalgamation to inform their patients about the changes successfully beforehand. Currently, Studio Moso and BHN are undergoing community consultations for the service focused web experience, that will lift patient’s ability to find and book health services that better fit their needs and improve their lives.

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