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Who? Gyprock

Gyprock is Australia’s largest manufacturer of plasterboard. They’ve been heading up the industry since way back in 1947 and bringing new trends and innovations ever since.

Why? To boost awareness

Anyone that’s ever needed plasterboard (from tradies to homeowners) knows Gyprock. But the brand knew that to take things to the next level, they needed to transform their online presence. An overhaul would let them better profile and target all their customer segments, so they could showcase their vast range of products in a way that made the most sense. In other words, it was time to connect the right products with the right customers.

How? An enhanced online presence

Elevating the brand and in turn, honing in on product awareness called for the Moso Way Methodology. This started with a discovery session to pinpoint the project’s key goals and define customer personas in a more scientific way.

Design and development, along with any iterations of the strategy, were constantly guided by data. We were there through to quality control and deployment, making sure we were getting the right eyes on Gyprock’s focus products.

What now? The stats

A transformed online presence was able to not only elevate Gyprock’s brand but also showcase their products more effectively. Our focus on audience segments and a more personalised user experience increased time on site by an average of 210% and reduced bounce rate by 20%. When visitors could easily find what they were looking for, they were far more likely to stick around.

- 210% increased time on site
- 20% reduced bounce rate

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