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Who? Plumbing Plus

Plumbing Plus is Australia’s leading independent supplier of bathroom and plumbing products. Throughout their 40 year history, they’ve built a national member network of 320 stores.

Why? To maximise conversions

Plumbing Plus was dealing with a siloed digital presence. They needed to integrate their member network by solidifying their brand and delivering a common experience to every customer. In short: their platform had to work harder as a sales tool.

How? Building a seamless user experience

We carried out extensive user research and profiling to learn how people interacted with the brand. By understanding their actions, we could simplify pathways to core call-to-actions and ultimately optimise conversion rate.

We were also able to develop a sophisticated schema between brands, categories and suppliers, covering all bases to provide a seamless user experience.

What now? The stats

Plumbing Plus secured major new engagements in the first 90 days after launch.
We maximised the KPIs of the project, growing leads, traffic and user engagement through regular strategy tweaks in response to data analysis. We stayed proactive when it came to reporting and realignment, to keep the digital marketing strategy on track with the client’s overall direction and value proposition.

  • 380%+ growth of new users
  • 290%+ extra lead conversions
  • 190%+ traffic from referral strategies

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