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Who? Dare Iced Coffee

Our go-to during busy mornings, Dare Iced Coffee is Australia’s number 1 in the space. We all know the famous tagline ‘A Dare Fix’ll Fix It’ and, with a trusted name behind it, Dare continues to expand its product range and bring humour and creativity to its marketing.

Why? Brand awareness & campaign promotion

Although Dare was flying off the shelves across Australia, they wanted an online presence that better represented the brand across all digital mediums to improve brand awareness and solidify what they’re about. They also needed a portal to house all ongoing promotions, campaigns and community initiatives.

How? A transformed online presence

A discovery session and market research uncovered ways we could maximise the potential of each digital channel for Dare. We analysed how the brand’s audience responded to and interacted with their campaigns and messaging, so we could design and develop a total transformation.

We also built an internal destination for campaigns and promotions, which would help Dare properly manage their digital marketing, measure its effectiveness and continue to build on their success.

What now? The stats

Dare’s online presence now packs a punch that’s as strong as its iced coffee. Since partnering with Studio Moso, Dare’s website has achieved a 520% increase in traffic, and time on site has increased by 180%.

- 520% increase in website traffic
- 180% increased time on site

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